Champagne and Orange Juice – Making the Perfect Breakfast Drink

Champagne and Orange Juice

In the harmonious morning orchestra, no instrument captivates quite like the Mimosa. Its effervescent charm weaves a tale of joy and indulgence, flourishing in spirited bubbles and the zest of sunrise. How do you conduct such a libation? Here’s your baton to master the art of crafting the quintessential Mimosa, where champagne meets the sunrise in an Oval Office of flavours.

The Indiana Jones of Champagne

Before we wade into the crossroads of juice and luxury, it’s of paramount import to scour the vineyards for the befitting champagne. There lies a trove of varieties, from the illustrious brut to the playful Prosecco, each bestowing its palette with diverse notes. 

The brut, with its dry integrity, is the Indiana Jones of Champagnes, for those seeking a more refined tipple. If adventure calls for a lighter taste, then the sparkling enthusiasm of Prosecco is the bullwhip that’ll crack the day open. Dom Perignon might be the buried treasure, but don’t squint yourself into oblivion— sparkling wine, such as Cava, can be an equally enchanting elixir, worthy of any connoisseur’s esteem. Why not see what takes your fancy in the Vintage Cellars wines selection?

Squeezing Sunshine

The companion to champagne must be nothing short of pure vivacity. What sets the Mimosa apart is the juice that exudes from the nectar of an orange, with no interlopers in the form of artificiality or pasteurisation. Freshly squeezed orange juice is the hero that rises at dawn, its luscious tones invigorating the champagne with the vigour of a new day.

To begin your quest, acquire oranges that still bedazzle with the glint of dew. The extraction of the juice becomes a ritual; it is citric tantra, a symphony of hand to fruit, an ecstasy reserved for the purveyors of life’s subtler luxuries. In the absence of fresh sunbeam-captured juice, a tangerine or clementine could step in as spirited understudies, but never underestimate the prowess of the original star.

The Elixir’s Alchemy

With your champagne selected and your orange juice freshly mastered, it’s time to marry the two. Tradition dictates a 1:1 ratio, but the beauty of the Mimosa is its adaptability. Should you prefer the citrus crescendo over the tipping scales of bubbly, then err on the side of more juice. For a beverage that wears its champagne crown, consider a mere waltz with the orange.

Measuring these components is a delicate art, similar to measuring moonbeams with a teaspoon, but a must for consistency. Mix with a gentle swirl, ensuring the convergence is one of amity.

The whipped storm of bubbles that should manifest is a triumph for the eye, while the palate anticipates the coming aria. The Mimosa is complete, a poetic commencement to any day.

In the realm of morning marvels, few are as classical as the Mimosa. It’s not just a drink; it’s an experience, a foreshadowing to the day that calls for celebration. Make it a celebratory drink, a victory march in honour of life’s daily conquests. Brunch enthusiasts, as you elevate your Mimosa to new heights, remember — here, we don’t just clink glasses; we resonate to the very toast of existence.


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