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It is a puzzle game for fun and challenges your brain, and It looks easy but it is not. you have to pick four words that have a connection from a grid of 16 words. It is a very interesting game published by New York Times Games on June 12. To know more about Connections Hint NYT how to play it, what are today’s connections hints, what are its features, and many more then you have to read the whole page.

What are The Connections NYT Hints?

The connections game is a creation of the New York Times. It is a kind of hints word game.  its meaning is as simple as its name. Players have to solve the connection between words. The full form of NYT is the New York Times. It is the second most played game. connection is a puzzle game. You can see Connection NYT on platforms like the Web, iOS, and Android. Connection NYT was developed by the New York Times on June 12,2023. That captured the public’s attention. The game is all about finding the common threads between words. Each puzzle features 16 words and each grouping of words is split into four categories. 

These sets could comprise anything from book titles to software country names etc. It is a type of brain teaser where players solve connections between words. The New York Times developed and published the second most played game “Connections”. New York Time Connections is a type of puzzle game. Connections NYT is available on platforms like Web, iOS, and Android. Connections NYT was released on June 12, 2023. Single-player Mode is available on Connections NYT. It is a type of word game.

Goals of Connections NYT

The connection NYT aims to test your brain. Connection NYT  leads to increased memory function of the player both short and long term. Connection NYT encourages the players to think in new ways. The New York Times Connections game is a mind game and aims to sharpen the minds of players. With an attentive mind, you can pass the puzzle without making mistakes.

Keys to Play NYT Connection?

Playing the game Connection NYT looks simple but it is not that simple. It is hard to win connections with the NYT. select 4 sensible words. Once you get the trick It will become very easy to play New York Times connections. NYT Connections Hint contains a grid of four by four and each box has a word in it, you have to just make a group of them into sets of four that make sense. The easiest group is yellow. After yellow, green is the second easiest group. blue is lit a bit harder than yellow and green. The hardest group is purple.

You can use this trick may help you: shuffle words, and maybe it helps to see links between them. Select 4 words that look sensible and click submit. play carefully because one mistake will make you feel regret. If you make 4 mistakes then the game is over for you.  Take help from hints and use tricks. 

Today’s Connections Hints-

Give a try to these connection hints mentioned below-

  • For the easiest group, Yellow- act swiftly!
  • For the second easiest group, Green- sea events
  • For the second hardest group, Blue- strength-building moves. 
  • For the hardest group, Purple- deep thinker, sound-alikes.

May these connections hints help you to guess today’s connection puzzle.

Today’s 16 words-

  • Press 
  • Lock 
  • Hurry 
  • Wave 
  • Pane 
  • Fly 
  • Current
  • Curl
  • Now
  • Row
  • Stat
  • Marks
  • Drift
  • Pronto
  • Rustle
  • tide

Here are the Groups For Today’s Connection

It is assumed that today’s connection will fall into the groups given below-

  • Yellow- don’t delay 
  • Green-ocean phenomena 
  • Blue- dumbbell exercises
  • Purple- Philosopher homophones

Here are Today’s Connection Answers

Today’s connection answers are-

  • Yellow- don’t delay 

(hurry, now, pronto, stat)

  • Green-ocean phenomena

(current, drift, tide, wave) 

  • Blue- dumbbell exercises

(curl, fly, press, row)

  • Purple- Philosopher homophones

(lock, marks, pane, rustle)

How to Crack Connections NYT

If you want to win the New York Times Connection then these tips will help you in winning. Always break down big words in case a puzzle has a large number of long words.

Learn from past mistakes and games.  This tip is also helpful in Life. Practice makes a man perfect similarly The more you play the more you gain experience. In some time you will learn the thinking strategy of the editor. When you just reach the end of the game just think again before selecting the word game will try to confuse you but you have to focus. 

Remember your mistakes and learn from them. Use the shuffle button when needed. Success is not a game of 1 minute, it takes time. Give time to your game and don’t be afraid of failures. If you can’t guess it today then maybe tomorrow you will. there will be new connections for you to challenge your brain.


Q) The Editor of NYT Connection was inspired by whom?

A. The editor of NYT Connection was inspired by the great Cartoonist Robert Leighton. Robert Leighton also made puzzle wordplay.

Q) How do Play NYT Connection? Is it easy?

A. NYT Connection is simple just select a group of four words without making more than four mistakes out of 16 words. Ny connections contain 4 levels of groups Yellow is easy, green is lit harder than yellow, blue is harder than green and yellow, and purple is hardest. 

Q) Is Connections the latest daily word game? It is an online or offline mode game?

A. Yes, it is the latest daily word game only played once a day. It is an online mode game that can not played offline.


In today’s digital world where no one has time to play outdoor games, connection nyt is very useful. This game makes you sharper and smarter. It is a fun game and also a brain-challenging game. As far as my concern it is an interesting game and I enjoyed it.  For at least once in a lifetime people should play this game. The New York Times published the latest word game named Connection on June 12, 2023. It is a social media hit game.

The standout feature of nyt connections hint is that it can be played on both web browsers and mobile devices. Nyt Connections Hint is a daily word game. From a grid of 16 words, you have to choose four words that have a connection game just like the name of the game. Connection nyt is a brain-teasing and challenging game in which multiple words will look like they are fit for each other or together but only one is the correct set.

The point of playing puzzles is to feel puzzled. When you finish the puzzles without making mistakes you will find yourself a little bit addicted to this brain teaser game. So, what are you waiting for… go and enjoy the NYT connections Hint.

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