Satisfying and retaining customers is an act of marketing. It is the main component of commerce and business management. The experiential agency in Sydney or is also called a brand experience agency helps a business create a closer bond between consumer and brand through the following:

  • live experiences
  • events
  • product sampling

The key messaging is delivered personally to change behavior and perceptions towards a brand resulting in tangible ROI.

Brand Activation

Brand activation is the process of various factors:

  • making the brand known to people
  • increasing awareness
  • engagement

Brand activation is a marketing campaign that directly interacts with the target audience, creating a long-term relationship and building a brand reputation. New businesses and brands looking for rebranding use this marketing method.

It can be a good way to show a product or brand’s personality and identity. These campaigns are interactive in some way, so probable customers may engage directly with the brand and learn how it fits into their lifestyle.

Is brand activation important?

Brand activation benefits a business as it demonstrates new products or brands effectively and encourages valuable consumer feedback. Visuals increase the probability of potential customers recalling a brand when looking for a specific service or product in the future. Brand activations help give customers engaging images they can associate with the products or services. Some brand activations earn social media or press attention to spread positive reviews of a brand. When involved in a popular public schedule or figure, a fun activity for guests to join can make the brand relevant to the general public. Brand activations are an effective way to connect with the target audience.

Methods to introduce a brand

Experiential marketing

The best way to activate a brand in people’s minds is to allow them to experience it first-hand. Experiential marketing has become dominant in the last couple of years. Using a campaign can be a powerful way of getting the brand in front of the people and sticking into their minds.

Sampling campaigns

The experiential element of the brand activation campaign is something more stripped back. It simply means giving people an opportunity to try your products. You can offer samples of the new product to introduce to people your brand and make them talk about it. You can make it timely and creative to ensure the best result.

In-store brand activation

Another opportunity to activate a brand is through in-store promotions or events. Again, it comes down to creating an experiential element where customers touch and interact with your brand.

Experiential agencies don’t only offer brand activation services, but there are more of them, including:

  • event design and production
  • experiential marketing strategy
  • brand activation
  • immersive content creation
  • interactive media design

Brand activation is only one of the services offered, but it is the most common step when your product is ready and opting for an effective introduction to the target audience. If you think that your brand is still not getting good numbers of customers, then you can try this brand activation method.


By Tanya Popli

Tanya Popli is a dedicated Business writer with two years of experience in the Business industry. Passionate about helping others achieve their best selves, Tanya covers a variety of topics, including Operations and Business For the Future.