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PimEyes Free works on searching faces from the web. It is an AI-designed face recognition search engine that finds images of particular individuals’ faces on the internet, and offers face search, finds the origin of your image, and excludes images from public results. It can be used for more threatening purposes like stalking. PimEyes is beneficial to individuals looking for lost images and those concerned about remaining unidentified online. To learn more about PimEyes.com, read this blog. It might be useful for you.

What is PimEyes Free?


PimEye works as an online face search engine, it connects with the internet and finds pictures containing given faces. It carries out a reverse image search through face recognition search technologies. It will help you to find face and concern about your privacy also. PimEye is a free search engine containing 900 million faces. Their database contains photos published on the internet by individuals. Pim Eyes offers much more than Google image search. According to GDPR “clarification of biometric data for the motive of uniquely identifying a natural human shall be banned”. Pim Eyes states that it doesn’t work as a risk to privacy but as a helper. It is easy, upload your photo and PimEyes will find a similar face as yours appearing online. It is not about identifying a person, users have to upload their own faces here.

Features that Make PimEyes Free Different From Others 

PimEyes provides numerous features and functions for reverse image search. Some of the outstanding features are given below-

  1. Face search- it is the USO tool of PimEyes. It helps in finding faces similar to your uploaded picture. Users can use it free only 3 times a day. It uses facial recognition algorithms to scan and find online images similar to uploaded images. 
  2. PimEyes’ alerts- this feature is very useful, it alerts users whenever a new image gets released on the internet. It is a paid service. It works automatically, it stores your images and uses them on daily searches. It is one of the best features of PimEye, users can track their online presence with preset alerts. 
  3. Protect- this is a premium service, that helps people to delete images that have their faces on the internet with legal action. This service will get users professional agents who will take care of legal steps in the process of deleting your image.

Is PimEyes Free or Paid?

It has 3 main subscription plans open Plus, PROtect, and Advanced subscription plan, but the PimEyes face search tool can be used 3 times a day free. To know the origin of the image $14.99 for each search is to be paid. Its three main subscription plans are given below-

  1. Open Plus– it will give you access to search for more face options. It will cost around $29.99 per month. It offers more than 25 reverse image searches per day. In this plan, you can make 3 PimEyes alerts. 
  2. PROtect– it has all the features of the Open Plus plan including 15 alerts from PimEyes. It will cost around $ 39.99 per month. You also get professional guidance for reporting and removing images from websites.
  3. Advanced– It is very useful for peoples who wants to track their online presence. It will cost around $299.99 per month. It has the feature of a deep search for more correct reverse image searches in an index. With this plan, anyone can search unlimited, show the origin of results, and help to set up more than 500 PimEyes alerts.

How to Get Access to PimEyes?

It is easy to conduct a search and upload a photo of your face. Check a box and allow or accept the terms & conditions. Here are steps to use it are given below-

  • Visit the official website of PimEye.com.
  • Upload a photo of your face.
  • Began the search.
  • Find your face among the results.
  • Click an image. 

You can also download the PimEyes apk app. Steps to use PimEyes in the app are given below-

  • Go to any of your favorite browsers, and enter the PimEyes.com apk.
  • Download and install apk app.
  • Click on the sign-up button to enroll yourself on PimEyes.
  • Upload your image and search. 

PimEyes works excellent, in comparison to the results of others. Follow these simple and easy steps. 

Pros and Cons of PimEyes Free

Everything has both pros and cons and so does PimEyes also has. Similar to coins, it also has 2 sides. 


It provides advanced facial recognition capabilities. It has a reverse image search tool. Anyone can use search options 3 times a day for free. It offers PimEyes alerts. 


It has expensive subscription plans, not everyone can afford. It has privacy issues.

By ignoring 2 cons and focusing on other pros it is good at all.


PimEyes Free is an AI-designed face search engine that offers similar photos you uploaded. Pim Eyes is useful for police and other investigating authorities. It has some free features and some paid features. It doesn’t mean if you are not uploading your picture to it then it has no access to your data. Pim Eyes collects data from various social media platforms. It has numerous alternatives, some of them are free and some are paid. PimEye is free for 3 times to search in a day. Explore this amazing website and find similar faces. 


Q1. How to prevent photographs from being indexed by the service?

A. It is easy, to submit a form to have images deleted from search results.

Q2. What are the Alternatives for PimEyes?

A. There are some paid and free tools for face recognition-

  • NTech Lab
  • TinEye 
  • EagleEye
  • Clearview AI
  • Bing visual search
  • Google Reverse Image search
  • Pinterest Image Search

Q3. What is face recognition? describe in short.

A. It is a technology, that has the potential to match human faces from digital images against a database of faces. 

Q4. What are PimEyes pricing plans? Is PimEyes free?

A. It includes 3 different pricing plans-

  • Open plus – $35.39 per month.
  • PROtect – $ 47.19 per month.
  • Advanced – $ 353.99 per month.

You can search for only 3 times in a day for free. 

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